Welcome to Rain Shadow Reiki,

My name is Josslyn Streett.  I am an intuitive energy healer, teacher and reader.  That means I use my intuition as well as my knowledge of the world and other worlds to guide and help others.  I empower my clients to heal themselves through the use of Infinite and Divine Universal Energy, which I often choose to call God.  I work with clients both over the phone and in person so I can work with you, no matter where you are in the world.

Divine Source has called me to this work. I believe we each have our own different path to take and mine led me here.  I strive to do this work with the highest ethics, compassion and highest healing of ego self.  Energy work is my passion and my work both. It’s the most exciting and interesting profession I can think of.  Every time I work with a client I get even more enthusiastic about the work I get to do and know that through God, I am truly able to help people move forward and be happier in their lives.  I see results and that keeps me motivated every day to be a healer.

Me and my youngest son on my favorite place in Sequim, The Dungeness Spit!


All of the main photos at the top of the page you see on my website have been taken by me on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula where I live.


If you were drawn to this website, it is no accident.  My guides usually bring the people to me that are meant to work with me or learn from me.  I invite you to look around at what interests you and if you feel called to do so, email or call me for an appointment.  I am here for a reason, to spread Love and Light around the planet as I am drawn to do so.  SCROLL DOWN FOR MY MOST RECENT BLOG.

Welcome to Rain Shadow Reiki,

Josslyn Streett

Intuitive energy healer, teacher & reader, located in Sequim, WA



A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed.  It feels an impulsion.  This is the place to go now.  But the sky knows the reasons and patterns behind all clouds.  And you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Richard Bach, Illusions

A Reiki Attunement Welcome Back!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA



I like to put the fun picture first because we really do have so much fun in these classes and it shows here.

I am so proud to announce another amazing Reiki class with seven incredible ladies who truly give me a great deal of hope for the future of our world.  Every time I teach Reiki, I just KNOW we are going to spiritually evolve and change our world for the better.  I know we can, I know we are going to do it.


Sharon practicing on Pookie as a surrogate for long distance Reiki.

Each person who takes a Reiki class learns that we are all connected.  When we know and FEEL through energy that we are all connected and we see how spiritual Divine healing energy helps everyone.  We can’t help but want to do better.  We can’t help but want to eat healthier and take better care of our planet.  Reiki is hope for me!! And each of my students as well gives me hope because each one is going to go out into that world and plant Reiki seeds of hope.  It gives me goose tingles every time I think about it.  So cool.


Oh, and YES, I was able to Set Sacred Space for the class AND do three of seven Reiki attunements for students.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YES, REIKI IS AWESOME!!!

After a year of healing myself and having to start from scratch for many things that used to just come naturally to me, like Reiki, I am once again able to attune my students to Reiki.  Incredibly empowering to me and praying, to them as well.  THIS IS MY SOUL PURPOSE.  I AM A REIKI TEACHER.


April and Gloria practicing long distance Reiki in different ways.  There are many ways to send Reiki long distance.

Thank you ALL for your patience.  I am healing and will be fully up and running when I am supposed to be.  In the meantime, while I and my Reiki Students help to heal me, my Reiki Master/Teacher Students, Ellen and Amber are keeping my Reiki business going.  We are open for business for all long distance healing and some in person too.  Call or email to book a session of Negative Energy Clearing, Psychic Reiki, Long Distance Reiki, Spirit Guide Readings, Past Life Readings or Healings and much much more.  This is what we love to do!!  This is our passion.


Josslyn, Ellen and Amber



CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! From L to R, Kat Reiki II, Ellen Master/Teacher, Gloria Reiki II, Joss Master/Teacher, Vicky Reiki II, April Reiki II, Bren Reiki II, Sharon Reiki II, Rosemary Reiki II and photographer Amber Master/Teacher


Vicky drawing her new Reiki II Symbols in her hands before starting Reiki on surrogate bear, Itchy.  Itchy was my first Reiki practice bear, he’s very experienced at Reiki and is a great teacher.


Bren doing long distance on a holographic image of her person and Rosemary working on Jessie as a surrogate.  Everyone just loves working on those stuffed animals.  It works and it’s fun.


A Momentous Return to Reiki and My Natural State of Being

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

After more than a year of not being able to channel Reiki myself because of the injuries from the car accident last year, TODAY I RETURNED TO MY NATURAL STATE OF BEING.  I DID A FULL REIKI SESSION!!!!!

My guides delivered me the most beautiful, powerful, flexible and experienced psychic energy healer for a first time client.  I explained my situation, that I was still grieving, healing myself for the last year from the accident and that I had not been able to channel Reiki since then.  But, my guides told me I was almost ready.  They didn’t tell me I WAS READY.  But I was.

I knew they had sent her for a reason.  One of my healing partners/students Amber was right there with me doing the Reiki Psychic Healing so I knew the client would get exactly what she needed through her.  I was just bonus.  Today, I felt my full Reiki power and my client said she did too.  It didn’t feel like just a bonus to me, it felt like a full Reiki session just as if I was there myself.  It was just more exciting to share it with Amber and my new client.

Since the accident that took the lives of my husband and 16-year-old son, I was in bed and cared for around the clock for five months.  Then the long start of Physical Therapy started and strengthening exercises (ongoing) started.  The whole time, my dedicated Reiki Students have been coming to my house to do in person Reiki on me every week, twice of week for the first six months.

My guides, in the hospital,  had wrapped me in a cocoon of protective energy but it also blocked my ability to run and feel energy.  Frustrating to say the least to an energy healer.  But, I also trusted my guides and knew they were protecting me and allowing me time and space to heal.  Gratitude flowed through me hourly as I knew so many people and energy beings of Love and Light were working together to heal me and my younger son for the last year plus.  Reiki and all my Reiki people and Reiki guides healed me.  The cocoon is transforming allowing more and more of my gifts to arise again, allowing me to see, feel and experience my gifts one by one, once again.

My Reiki Muscles are sore, but it feels great.  It feels normal and nothing has felt normal (other than teaching Reiki) for the last year.  So, normal in this way, is very nice.

I’m going to take it slow because I’m the tortoise,  I don’t give up and I always get there, in Divine time.  But, I’m now confident that I’ll be a healer again soon, as I stick my toe into each and every ability again, testing the psychic waters.  This is so exciting.  I feel like a kid again.  This is better than Christmas.

Thank you for all who are celebrating with me and THANK YOU for so many of you sending prayers for us, Reiki, and loving thoughts.  YOU and REIKI have lifted me up, kept me going, healed me and loved me when I didn’t feel loved.  THANK YOU.

Day by day, I step into my power.




Pet Attunements & Ode to Mandy the Magnificent Reiki Dog

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Last night, June 25 2018, we said farewell to our amazing, quirky, lovable Reiki dog, Mandy.  She came into our lives almost 7 years ago as a rescue.  She was about 7 to 10 then so now, she was pretty darn old in dog years, over 104.  Even though she hadn’t had the most loving start to her life, we could tell from her behavior, despite that, she loved everyone and everything, except rodents.  Like mom like dog.


2012, Mandy with my son Sawyer.More photos below of Mandy in Reiki classes.


From the beginning of our life together, Mandy was stuck like glue to me.  Her job in the pack, she believed, was to be right by my side every minute of every day and she wasn’t fully happy unless she could do that.

That means, she was in and a present part of every Reiki class I taught in my home for the last seven years.

A few years ago, she and one of our cats, Cosmo, decided they wanted to be attuned, officially, to Reiki.  They were attuned to be Reiki Masters and from then on out, they continued to take their Reiki classes and circles very seriously.  They were there for any student who wanted and needed them during class.  They just knew and they simply exuded Reiki healing through their whole being.  Cosmo was not with us as long, he disappeared two years ago, but Mandy, even as she grew older, continued to be our magnificent Reiki dog at every function.

Almost one year ago, my family was in a terrible car crash while on vacation.  The crash took my husband and my 16-year-old son almost instantly.  My 14-year-old son and I were in the hospital for almost a month and are still recuperating.  I have been able to teach one class a month for the last five months but that is about all I can do, so far.

Mandy, even though she had had a stroke very recently before the crash, she rallied as soon as we got home so she could take care of us, in her old same way, simply by bring present and exuding Reiki through her aura.


Mandy laying on our Vital Life Pro machine to heal after her stroke.

For a long time after the crash, I wasn’t able to channel Reiki through my body.  I had to do it with intention and prayer and piggy back on the Reiki that Mandy was exuding and offering lovingly.  That worked and I was able get the comfort through her.

Our pets are such a huge part of our life, I don’t have to tell you that.  Most of you are pet lovers and have many stories of your own pets and how they have enriched your lives incredibly.  But, have you thought about having them attuned to Reiki? Reiki gives them even more of a freedom to help their family, their pack.  Reiki gives them a new and valuable part to play, the healer.  Reiki can also give them comfort and pain relief when they are hurting, growing old and need it most.  Reiki was a comfort for me and Mandy.  It didn’t heal her from old age, that’s not going to happen.  Old age is part of our learning.  But, it helped make it a little easier on many ways.


  1. Start by running your Reiki, for you and your pet. Reiki centers us and grounds us, connects us to our Higher Power and our higher selves, brings in intuitive guidance, and makes us feel more spiritually powerful.
  2. Ask your pet or offer the opportunity to be attuned to Reiki.
  3. Watch for signs that they have said yes, or trust that you can listen to them and hear their answer.  They will give you a sign if you ask for it.
  4. If they say YES, then ask what level they wish to be attuned to? Reiki I, II, III, Master/Teacher? Animals do not have to step up the way we do.  They have an inherent knowing about energy and they know what level of Reiki is for their best and highest good.  They will tell you.  Listen telepathically.
  5. Email or call me when you have the information to talk about a pet attunement.  I do all pet attunements long distance, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.  They prefer it that way and being that their bodies are different from human, it makes it a bit easier anyway.
  6. IF you don’t feel confident to talk and listen to your pets or read signs effectively enough, I can do it.
  7. All in Divine Time.  Sometimes our pets take their time, they’re not in a hurry like we are.  I had been asking Mandy and Cosmo, I believe, for about two years off and on if they wanted to be attuned.  Finally they answered during a Reiki III class, at the same time.  They said, NOW is the time.  Attune us.  Be patient with them.


Please, comment your Reiki animal stories, I would love to hear them.  Comment any questions you might have or email me at rainshadowreiki@gmail.com.  Or 360-460-7829 and leave a message.  I will be taking the summer off from teaching and attunements, but will be back in the early fall.  That will give you and your pets time to start the process.

Thank you for Reiki and prayers for Mandy.  She is with my Robert and Robby now.  I watched them greet her at the orb of light.  She can run, play, be young and happy again. She loves to chase geese, so I’m sure she is doing that in heaven.

Blessings to you all and your fury babies, we love them so, they give us so much,


Pictures of Mandy in Reiki events below

Teaching Reiki is My SuperPower!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


I came to a realization a while back that I cannot do everything I want to do with Reiki in this lifetime.

BUT, I can teach an army of compassion, loving Reiki people to go out and DO what I cannot.

Reiki in hospitals, Reiki in prisons, Reiki for the traumatized, Reiki for the Tribes, Reiki for the Earth, Reiki for animals, Reiki for our Veterans, Reiki for children, Reiki for the lost and hurting, Reiki for EVERYONE.

I am a Reiki Teacher and THAT is my SUPERPOWER!!!!




What’s your Superpower? Comment please and if you don’t know it yet, Reiki THAT!!
Josslyn Streett, Super Visionary Dauntless Reiki Teacher and much more that I don’t even know yet

Reiki Kids Class ROCKS!!!2018

From Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Every so often I have a group of kids that are just chompin’ at the bit to learn Reiki.  This year was no different, these kids were so excited to learn and do Reiki on their family and pets and they made the class SO MUCH FUN and a little exciting too!!!

We had Reiki children from ages 2 to 12 this year, like a one room schoolhouse, they all help each other and take care of each other.  When one child played an impromptu game of hide and seek, the older kids went looking and were the ones to find him.


More photos on the FB page


CONGRATULATIONS REIKI KIDS!!! Lainey, Brady, Ryann, Allie, Grace, Cricket, Vaughn, Taran, Glenn, Mica, Kaia and Walter!! Thanks to my Reiki Master/Teachers and moms, Ellen and Amber.


Mystic Sisters- Human Design

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


Since the accident my family was in last July, life came to a halt for us.  We were in the hospital for a month and laid up mostly in bed for another four.  My son was in a wheel chair while he healed, now he’s riding his bike to school again, but it took time.


Ellen, Margaret, me, Penny, Angie and Amber have all been my friends, Reiki students and caregivers.  These are amazing women with amazing hearts.

My Reiki Soul Sisters took care of Sawyer and me for the last nine months and counting.  I don’t mean just stopped by now and then and brought meals, they literally, 24 hours a day took care of every aspect of our lives, because I couldn’t.  They handled everything: medicine, Reiki healing, rides to school, doctors and physical therapy, pets, meals, cleaning, laundry, dog poop; everything but baths, my nurses did that until I could do it for myself.  My Reiki sisters got me through every day for five full months and now even on a part-time basis.  I can’t imagine what would have happened to us if I didn’t have them in my life. If I didn’t have Reiki, in my life.  I can’t even imagine.  Every day I’m so grateful for them, every minute of every day.  As much as I miss my husband and son who passed in the crash, I’m equally grateful for my son Sawyer and my Reiki sisters who are getting me through this healing, grief and unexpected turns, every single day.


Nine years ago I started teaching Reiki in Sequim and three years ago I started a Ladies Night Out group called the Mystic Sisters.  My guides told me to start the group for us to have more fun during our spiritual journeys and make strong spiritual bonds.  My guides know I get pretty serious about my healing journey and they know life in this human form has many ups and downs.  They remind me constantly that finding joy in between the hard stuff is critical to our evolution.  Lucky for me, I listen to my guides, I argue with them a lot, but finally, I listen.  I started the group and it’s still going strong.


A full house with our Human Design Mystic Sisters event.  Everyone listening intently to Margaret, right, talk about Human Design.

Every month we have a different spiritual topic to learn something new.  Sometimes we have game night, sometimes we go to the rare movie and sometimes we just meet for Thai food, that’s a spiritual experience in and of itself.  I started the group up again last month at our favorite Thai restaurant, but this month was our first, official, big, spiritual, learning event.  We learned about Human Design.


I’m not the expert on HD so I’ll give my very basic, very simple version.  It’s a combination of I Ching, Astrology and Numerology.  It helps us better understand how our conscious and subconscious minds work so we can understand ourselves more effectively, how we work with ourselves and others.  It’s fascinating.  I found my HD reading to be very accurate and I’ve been using it to help all of us at Rain Shadow Reiki do the jobs we are best suited for.  We’ve all had readings so we’re all making better use of our time and energy listening to Margaret and her HD readings.  Margaret Fivash is our ‘go to’ Astrologer and Human Design Guru.  She puts everything in basic language we can easily understand on such a big topic as Human Design.


These ladies are our HD Projectors; Angela, Brenda, Dot, Zorina and Dianne.  I’m going to get a lot of this wrong, but I’ll do my best.  The projectors are the managers of the group.  They have the big ideas and tell others how to do it.  They’re not meant to be the worker bees, we have others for that.  I think I would prefer being a projector, hmmmmm…..

We had 22 ladies at our kick-off event for this year.  After the delicious potluck, Margaret  spoke, introduced everyone to Human Design and how we fit into it.  Then we had fun taking pictures.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  THANK YOU MARGARET and THANK YOU MYSTIC SISTERS for this evening and many more before and hopefully many more to come. I LOVE YOU!!

Reiki is always so unexpected.  It’s quite beautiful in the amazing way it works in your life.  Reiki brought all of these amazing women into my life in the last nine years.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

Blessings to you all,



These are our Generators of the group, the worker bees who get a lot done.  Left to Right starting in back; Reggi, Cheryl, Amber, Leslie, Angie, Stacey, Michel, middle; Holly, me Josslyn, Stacey and front seated, Sharon.


Our Manifesting Generators who get a lot done and can manifest at the same time and talk about what they are doing to others and they get people interested.  Margaret, Penny and Jenn.  Glad I have these ladies on my team.


My very special soul sister Ellen, who flew to Colorado and did Reiki on me in the hospital and literally saved my life there for almost 32 days, she’s special, she’s our only Manifestor.  I seriously can’t remember what they do special, but I don’t she gets things done by taking charge in a kind but straight forward manner.  She doesn’t take any $h*t and people listen to her.  She’s amazing all around.  I’m extremely lucky our boys are best friends and she loves me so much.  She reminds me from time to time too. LOL.


Ellen, Josslyn and Amber, Rain Shadow Reiki Master/Teachers Extraordinaire!!!


Margaret and Penny deep in conversation about HD


Michel and her daughter, Amber being photo bombed by Ellen


Angie, my other amazing and continuous caregiver and one of her besties, Leslie.  I am so blessed to know the most amazing women.  Reiki does that for us, brings the best people for us, our soul mates, into our lives.  If we intend it and we believe it.


Zorina and me, She’s my African Drumming teacher, I’m her Reiki teacher.  The photo says it all.  Love you Zorina…..


Angie, myself and Leslie.  I usually don’t do selfies, but today I wanted a lot of joyous pictures with beautiful ladies.


Rain Shadow Reiki Celebrating!!! It only took about 100 pictures to get all our hands up at the same time doing the same thing, but it was worth it.  LOL.




“What are we doing?” yeah, I’m usually the last to get the memo….

Spring Cleaning Energy Style

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

Blessings all,

Spring is finally here on the Olympic Peninsula and Rain Shadow Reiki celebrating the sun by doing some spring clearing.  We are up and running for our clearing Negative Energies work, from: People big and small, pets, homes, small and large businesses, computers, cars and much more.  (Haunted anyone?)
We all have them and they hold us back spiritually.  Clear them in the spring and maybe you’ll remember next year to have them checked again.
If you have a person or place cleared we’ll clear your car or pet free.
All clearings, healings and blessings for this work is done long distance so you don’t have to be near us.
Here is the link to the NE Clearings to read more about what we do:  www.josslynstreett.wordpress.com/private-sessions/clearing-negative-energies/
Please email me if you have any questions at all,
Josslyn, Amber and Ellen
Negative Energy Clearings-
Adults           $200              Full Repeat      $100                   Partial/$15 per entity
Kids              $150              Full Repeat       $100                  Partial/$15 per entity
Pets               $50                Full Repeat       $25                  Partial/$15 per entity
Land/home    $75                 Full Repeat       $40                  Partial/$15 per entity
Industrial/business/large land
$150minimum small- $500 very large       Full Repeat  $75-$250         Partial/$15 per entity
Car/Electronics $50              Full Repeat        $35