9 responses to “Reiki Quick Tip – Take a Reiki Bath

  1. i do reiki baths all the time! one of the best ways to work on yourself i think. great post joss!

  2. Patricia M. DeMarco

    Ahhhh…sounds so soothing…now that’s a way to practice on yourself!

  3. Thanks Ladies for your support, do you do anything different that I didn’t mention here? Please feel free to add if you do. We will bring this up this weekend at Reiki circle as a great and easy way to work on yourself without feeling like you are. Thanks ladies for the comments!

    • i think asking for “quiet/alone” time from the rest of your household is super important. especially for those who are mothers!

  4. Yes, Lauren, quiet time, you already understand!! Good idea. Send them OUT of the house!! Thanks for the addition!

  5. Makes me want to get a soaking tub!

  6. I want to try it!Thanks for posting this!

    • Jennifer, you are very welcome. Thanks for reading. I read two of your blogs about eating healthy and learned a lot about raw diets and the mediterranean diet. Very cool. Let me know how you like your Reiki bath. I’d love to hear how it goes.

  7. Great Honey, Anyone can take a Reiki bath for sure, but this month is about the MOMS!! LOL. Glad you liked it.

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