Reiki Quick Tip – Find “Lost” Items

When you lose something you love it’s frustrating and can often be quite expensive if you feel you need to replace it.  It can also be frustrating and time-consuming if it’s something like your car keys and you are late for an appointment.  Sometimes we no longer needed the item and it was time to say goodbye anyway.  However, that can be a challenge of its own, letting go.  Maybe WE don’t feel it was time to say goodbye to that item.  Maybe WE still wanted that item.

“No, I Wanted That!”

I had this happen years ago with a ring that my husband had given to me BEFORE I had Reiki in my life.  Luckily it was not an expensive ring but it was dear to me and I wanted to keep it.  For about a year I’d been having difficulty wearing it.  My skin had suddenly started  peeling and flaking under the gold band.  I would take it off at night and do all sorts of lotions and oils to help but it just continued.  My body had created an allergy to the fillers in the gold is what I was told.      But I didn’t want to stop wearing the ring my husband had given me.  So I kept wearing it.  One day, I took the ring off to put lotion on.  When I came back to the room, it was gone and has been gone ever since.   I searched and searched and searched.  I never found the ring.  We checked the plumbing, no where.  Now, looking back, I see the signs.  The ring was no longer vibrating with who I was but I didn’t listen.

“Really, Another Life Lesson? When Will They STOP!?”

In most situations in life, even losing our keys, there is a lesson we need to learn.   Maybe we need to learn to detach from material things.  Maybe we need to learn to listen to our bodies as to what is no longer good for us.  Maybe we need to allow ourselves to let go of a person, relationship or situation!?  Maybe we need to slow down, take more care in our daily activities and not try to do too much at once (Uh huh, lost your keys lately? LOL) .  Maybe we are out of balance with our environment and we need to listen to it.  Listening is the first step to finding a lost item that has importance to you.

Steps to Finding a Lost Item

Quite often, if we calm down, listen and learn from a lost item, it is our best chance to be brought back to it. Here are the steps I take with Reiki help, if I want to find a lost item that has meaning to me.

Sometimes this is a quick process and other times it will take more effort.  It’s up to you to decide which is needed depending upon what you are trying to find.

  1. First, calm down.  Do some deep breathing if need be.  Your mind must be calm in order to receive Highest Guidance.
  2. Listen to the situation.  Any Reiki level can do this.  Do your gassho, sit in meditation or for a quickie,  hold intention while you are showering that you will receive information about the situation with your lost item to help you understand what is going on.  I do some of my best intuitive work in the shower with the water flowing over my crown chakra.  (Always ask Divine Source to be with you when you do any spiritual work.)
  3. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror, so to speak, and face the issue you are dealing with.  (For instance, for me and my ring, I was not listening to what was best for my body AND I was not willing to detach from a material object emotionally or physically.)
  4. Take action.  When you get an insight as to what the issue is with the lost item, take action to change the situation before the universe does it for you.  The universe will always find a way to balance itself, even if you won’t.
  5. Then you can start looking for the item you have lost.
  6. Sit in Gassho, prayer position, to connect to the Reiki and set intentions.  Bring in your Reiki guides of the Highest Order.
  7. Use the long distance Reiki II symbol (HSZSN) OR if you are Reiki I, the intention of finding the lost object.  If you feel there is an emotional component to the item add the Mental/Emotional Symbol (SHK) as well.    Hold the intention that the Reiki is finding the lost object AND healing your issue at the same time.
  8. Trust in Divine Source to find it for you when you least expect it or to give you a mental message or image as to where to look for it.
  9. Give it time to be found or for you to get a message.  Repeat in a few days to repeat your intention to Divine if you do not find it when you want to.
  10. If you do not find it, it was no longer yours.  Harsh, but true.

11 responses to “Reiki Quick Tip – Find “Lost” Items

  1. Thank you, Josslyn for this great article. Great to keep things in perspective and steps to track down what we need, if we really need them. 🙂

  2. Thanks Serena for your comment and continued support of Reiki and my practice. You are AWESOME!!
    Yes, it’s good to go through once a year and ditch stuff that we just don’t need. Then maybe we wouldn’t lose the stuff we do need so much. LOL. And use Reiki to help release ourselves from the emotional attachments we have towards material things. It is time to let go of so so much!!

  3. Does it work if you have lost your mind? I could use some help on that. BTW..I am on day 19 of the Reiki Self-healing practice. Wonderful results. Lots of insights into how I sabatoge myself and don’t allow myself to be fully in my power. Just for today…

  4. LOL. Love you and your wonderful energy Ellen. Reiki works on EVERYTHING!!
    So happy you are being so successful in the 21 day challenge we accepted at our last circle. I am so looking forward to hearing about the insights have you gotten at our next circle. Maybe it will motivate others to take the challenge of making daily Reiki a positive habit in their lives. Way to go!

  5. Hi Josslyn , my Husband has lost his wedding ring although we have replaced it , I would still dearly like to try and find his ring. A lady told me to draw the symbol Kutu with my hand and ask for divine help to locate it but I am having trouble finding what this symbol actually looks like. Are you able to help me at all, Thanks so much from Donella

  6. Hi Donella, Thank you so much for reading and asking questions. I love to hear from new Reiki friends. I’m sorry, I too am not familiar with a symbol named Kutu. I checked all my Reiki books and find no symbol named that. Although I currently do not have “The Big Book of Reiki Symbols” which would likely have it, if it is a Reiki symbol. Here is what I recommend. Read the blog again and take the steps in it. If you actually do those steps one by one and put intention and heart into it you will either find it or not. If you do not, it is not yours anymore. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions when you look in the mirror. Maybe your husband needs to help too and put his intention into it. Take some time, do not rush though this if it is important to you. Also, you can pray and ask Divine Source to send Archangel Chamuel to help you look. He helps people find lost items. Say please and Thank you and let him know the ring means a lot to you. Then let it go for a few days and try not to think about it. If you get any intuition as to where it might be, GO LOOK right away. Follow all intuitions. I will pray for you and your husband to support you through this process. I am sending you Reiki right now to help you find the ring. I know a wedding ring is important and has a lot of emotion attached to it. Please let me know if and when you find it. Thank you again for reading! Love and Light to you both. Joss

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  9. Works like a charm for me.

  10. Thank You very much for your article. I lost my dog this evening and list hope in searching. After reading your article and I decided to try, anyway no harm done. Surprise Surprise and I did all the step and 10min later I heard a sound from my dog. So I rush out if the house to search again. My dog was trap in a dry pond not far away from my house and he can’t climb up. All of us were in joy to see him. I’m lucky to find your article and if not I don’t I’m able to find my dog. Thank You very much. Thank You!

  11. Wow, wonderful story Kenn, thank you so much for sharing with us. I’m so grateful you found your dog. Reiki works in mysterious ways, I always say, use it for EVERYTHING!! When we work with Reiki every day we stay in the flow of Divine energy constantly and magic happens all the time. Reiki is Divine, intelligent energy, that can only be used for good. When we put a focused intention together with it, the outcome is for the highest good for all involved. I’m so happy I was able to help you have hope, keep you moving forward, and possibly focus your intention to help you find your dog. That makes me very happy. He obviously got the message and communicated with you. So awesome. Great blessings to you and your dog. Joss

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