Healing the Solar Plexus and Self Love

I’m seeing a trend with my clients this week, lots of solar plexus stuff going on. This is the place of personal power, spiritual power, self confidence, self worth. Don’t forget to Reiki your solar plexus this week before going out among other people. Take care of YOU!! Joss

Rain Shadow Reiki

By Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki

It is time Goddesses to stand up and fight for what we deserve, our own self-love.  We have for so many centuries, for so many life times been told that we are not as worthy, not as strong, not as important and not as intelligent as men.  It has been so ingrained that we carry with us this belief pattern within our subconscious minds and our energy systems that it is true.  It is not true.  We know this is not true, yet it is in our belief system.  This belief is held in our solar plexus quite often which is our place of spiritual power.  This is strongly connected to our heart chakra as well because it has to do with love.  But I have been more often finding it in the solar plexus do to the relation to personal power or…

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