February 2017 Energy Forecast

Sarah’s blogs speak to me, resonate with me most months and offer a nice look at the month ahead. She’s highly intuitive and worth reading. Joss

Spiritual Shifts 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I always feel that January is still part of releasing and completing things from the year before and the Chinese New Year is really the new beginning!  It actually began on 28th January 2017 and will end on 15th February 2018.  It is the year of the Fire Rooster!  I wanted to write a little about the year of the Rooster as I feel it ties in well with my overview of 2017 and helps us understand a little more about the energies of this year.  It also leads in nicely into my February forecast!

The year of the Fire Rooster will be a powerful one, especially when it comes to moving forward!  As I wrote in my 2017 overview, setting intentions for 2017 is very important.  By getting our intentions done by end of Feb gives us the best success of moving forward with ease…

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