Confirmation of Ordination Ceremony & Attunement Workshop



 Are you called to be of service to others?

This class with attunement brings you to the spiritual vibrational level of Reverend and helps you own the space of Ordained (or Licensed) Minister. This ceremony is for practitioners, readers, healers, and coaches who have obtained ordination papers through an online church, and are ordained legally, but not necessarily spiritually.

  • Clear out old energy patterns concerning religion, ministry, and belief
  • Receive the transference of the spiritual frequency of Minister
  • Experience the deep and powerful Violet Fire Cleansing Meditation and Releasing Karma Meditation to help move you forward on your Spiritual Path as someone to be of service
  • Commit to being of service in alignment with your Spiritual Path
  • Receive a Certificate of Confirmation

This class is one 6 hour day and costs $125

Please bring with you to class:

  • Two copies of a personal statement of belief concerning God, Life, Reality, Self, Purpose, etc.
  • Two copies of a statement of your commitment as a Minister and a description of the responsibilities you choose to fulfill as a Minister.
  • An item to place on the center altar representing your ministry

Call or email to sign up for this class.  Check the calendar section for the next available class.  If one is not currently scheduled, email Josslyn to let her know you are interested. 360-460-7829 or

Reverend Josslyn Streett is a minister of the Universal Life Church in CA.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, an IEH (Intuitive Energy Healer) Level III, a Certified Hypnotherapist (two year program graduate through Hypnosis Motivation Institute), a professional psychic healer/reader for the past seven years, Psychic Teacher, and sound healer.  She is also a wife, home-schooling mother and survivor of 34 years of chronic debilitating illness.  Through Reiki and her powerful faith, she is able to do her spiritual ministry work to help heal herself, others and the world.  She truly believes in teaching spiritual work as a way towards peace in our hearts and thus, peace on Earth.



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