Sound Healing

Josslyn also adds different sound healing modalities to a Reiki or reading session, depending upon what the individual client needs and wants.  Typically our Reiki Guides will tell us what is needed, if the client wants to try a sound healing modality they just need to tell Josslyn and that intention will be heard. If you do not tell Josslyn, but your soul wants a sound healing, your guides will tell her and you will get what you need.

Edgar Cayce said “Sound is the medicine of the future,” and Josslyn’s Reiki Guides have been telling her the same thing for the last few years.  This has encouraged her to learn these different sound healing modalities in order to bring this powerful healing vibration to the energy healings she facilitates.

Sound Healing Modalities

  • Reiki Drumming
  • Toning
  • Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls

2 responses to “Sound Healing

  1. do you sell singing bowls?

    • Hi Dave, no I do not sell them. I have bought all my singing bowls from Peace Place in Sedona, AZ. They have a HUGE selection and competitive prices. If you talk to Lisa and have a certain bowl in mind, if she has time (summer is not as busy for them) she will intuitively choose the bowl that is perfect for you from their two rooms full. She does this for me and I’m so grateful, every bowl has been exactly the right vibration for me. I usually know which size and chakra I want before I call her though. Trust your intuition. Blessings, Josslyn

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