Calendar of Events


****Please read to know why my schedule is, at this time, fairly clear. LINK



*$10  fee for Reiki circles, Round Tables & Mystic Sisters, per person can be paid at the door.  No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.  

*Psychic Circle and Group Healing Event are both $35 per person.  


(Click on the links at the bottom to read more about each class or event.…)



Tree Talk Class – Saturday, August 18th, 10am to 2pm.  Join Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic Herbalist, Ellen Hammer, for an introduction to plant communication.  Have you heard the trees calling you?  Are you feeling the urge to spend more time in nature among plants and trees?  This is an invitation to an experiential workshop where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Relax, ground and connect with Divine and Earth energies through a guided Tree Meditation

  • Sing with the trees

  • Learn about Shamanic Listening and experience breath exchange with trees

  • Journal with a tree to see what gifts trees hold for you

  • Connect with a Guardian Tree

  • Begin on a journey of a two-way conversation with trees via plant communication

  • Connect with like-minded people, opening a conversation with others about plant communication in our community

Please follow the link to Ellen’s website for more information and to sign up for the class.  Unique and different locations allow a different experience for each class.  Take the class as many times as you like.  The August class will be held near Lake Crescent, WA, west of Port Angeles – specific location provided upon registration.


REIKI II – Sunday, September 2nd, 9am to 6:30pm

REIKI MASTER/TEACHER – Tuesday, September 11th, 18th and 25th.  September 11th from noon to 6pm, 9am to 6pm on the 18th and 25th.




REIKI I TEEN CLASS – Saturday and Sunday, November 24th & 25th, 9am to 6pm both days



Detailed information about each event, or click on the name for the link to the page:

Reiki circle(POSTPONED WHILE JOSSLYN HEALS) Reiki Circle is a chance to both give and receive a Reiki treatment.  It is also an opportunity to meet other like minded people and build a spiritual community.  Circles are held once a month in the evenings from 6pm to 9pm or sometimes a Sunday afternoon, 3pm to 6pm.  Check the calendar above for more details or click on the link.  Email Josslyn if you’d like to be a part of the regular group at

Reiki Round Table  – (POSTPONED WHILE JOSSLYN HEALS) Held for Reiki students, clients and guests, who want to ask questions of Josslyn and her guides and talk and share ideas with other spiritual people.  Reiki Round Table is held one Monday evening at 6pm bi-monthly.  Email Josslyn to get more information about any of these events at or call 360-460-7829.

Psychic Circle – (POSTPONED WHILE JOSSLYN HEALS) This is a class for Josslyn’s Reiki students to work with, learn about and practice, their intuitive abilities.  Pre-requisite to this class is taking Josslyn’s Reiki I class.  Please read the full page for Psychic Circle before considering this class. $35 monthly class cost.

Girls Night Out – Mystic Sister Group – This is an invitation only group.  It has it’s own email list, and you must be invited by Josslyn or one of her clients or students in order to get on the email list.  This group is for FUN on our healing path with a spiritual flair.  Get together with other like minded ladies to experience new spiritual experiences each month, eat and socialize in a safe and loving setting.

Group Healing Event – (POSTPONED WHILE JOSSLYN HEALS) This event is now every month.  One month is a Saturday evening event, the next month a Wed. or Thursday day time event and they trade off each month. This event is by invitation only from Josslyn or one of her well known students/clients.  At this event Josslyn will be doing group readings and/or psychic healing demonstrations depending upon what each participant needs.  Everyone in the audience also can receive the healing that is being done, by consicously choosing it intentionally.  Sometimes Josslyn will work on everyone’s structure, organs, or aura.  No one is guaranteed a reading.  Josslyn will pick names out of a bowl to determine who gets a reading or a healing.  Our Reiki Guides choose who receives healing/reading.  Readings are done in a group setting and are not private.  One does not have to put their name in the bowl, one can just enjoy listening to the other uplifting and highly spiritual readings that come through for others. Cost: $35. R.S.V.P. required for this event.  Do not show up without being on the list.

FeeA $10  fee for Reiki circles, Round Tables & Mystic Sisters, per person can be paid at the door.

$35 fee per person for Psychic Circle Class and Group Healing Event.

No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Josslyn is willing to barter prior to any event. Discuss any issues openly and honestly with Josslyn and we’ll come to an agreement that works for all involved.




3 responses to “Calendar of Events

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  2. I am open for anytime that I can be in the state. As of yesterday there is an offer on john srs. House. If all goes with that it won’t close until Dec 2, and my John would like to stay home until it closes. I’m sure Wendy would manage a day to attend to as long as I’m home. We LOVED the class (Reiki 1). Also want to say I haven’t forgot the questionair and I will do it…after the mad house is settled a bit. Wendy will be moving out of Jason’s tomorrow and Andrew is going to help with that..then hopefully have the final interview for home schooling. Just fyi..both wendy and I have a full concept of ADHD. Not funny but lol. If nothing else I came away from your class with HOPE! I haven’t felt so up for years! Destiny is AMAZING! LOVE to you and yours! Sue

    • Thanks Sue, are you still not getting my emails? We need to remedy that. Can you email me at and I’ll capture your email and get it right this time. Please, LOL, want you to know what’s up without alway having to come here. Although it’s good to check this page from time to time too. So grateful you enjoyed the class, I certainly enjoyed having you all. Great class. I look forward to Reiki II. Blessings, Josslyn

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