Fun & Funky Shopping Links

ClearWaterBidets – Bidets are better for our health and our Earth.  They kill 80% of germs more than wiping with paper and save trees too.  Plus my husband, who is a wonderful, hardworking, honest man and a great husband and father sells them.  This is our other family business.  Check out the website for the best quality and service for a toilet seat bidet that fits right on your current toilet.  360-460-7829.  Tell him I sent you and get the “friends and family discount.”

Crystroll– Trolls with crystals all over their heads and decorated in different ways.  These are too cute, you have to see them to believe them.  My soul sister bought me one for my birthday and my students LOVE HIM.  Clive helps me to teach chakras in Reiki I. Fun shopping!!

InSpiried – A fun and funky store in Port Angeles with lots of Buddhas, Quan Yin and other spiritually themed cards, gifts and statues.  They even have stuff for kids and teens.  A FABULOUS Store you can easily spend hours in.

ArtFX – cool and funky artist and store that carries spiritual statues, art and jewelry for very reasonable prices.  Carlos goes to Bali for three months every year to being back local and original art that is worth a look.

The gem in I – Rachel Hall makes all her own jewelry and attunes them to Reiki.  she uses excellent quality silver and real stones.  Very cute stuff.  She is located on Vancouver Island, BC.

The Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card company, Great spiritual cards with humor!

R & T Crystals, Buy most of my healing stones and crystals from Rick at R & T.  He has excellent quality, cleanses everything weekly and has the best prices too.

Het Heru’s Chamber , Sacred oils and soy candles of high quality and purpose.

Dream a World® – Bunny Hill  a tradition of award-winning books, music, programming and curriculum designed to entertain, educate and inspire children.

Illumination Publishing – Great spiritual books for kids

Wizards & Fairies – Great Pagan Spiritual Books for kids and teens.

Bio Pro/Gia – Electromagnetic protection for cell phones, computers,  etc.

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