Links to My Reiki Students

On this page I have listed some of my students who are now working part-time as Reiki Practitioners.  Each person listed has been through a minimum of Reiki II and is qualified to charge money and work as a Reiki Practitioner.

Each student has taken at least one or more Reiki class from me and is endorsed by me as having been taught through quality Reiki classes, has good Reiki channeling abilities, ethical behavior and a strong desire to help others with Reiki.

I have received full Reiki healings from each practitioner knowing first hand they are excellent channels and translators of the Reiki energy.  But, remember, we the ‘healers’ do not actually do the healing, YOU and YOUR HIGHER POWER do the healing, we simply facilitate the space and the Divine energy in which it happens.

If you chose to make an appointment with one of them, please comment here as to how your experience with them was, I greatly appreciate the feedback, and so do they.  

Reiki Blessings to you all,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

***List of Josslyn’s Reiki students***

Reiki Master/Teacher Students

Lauren Holloway Obsidian Reiki in Hood Canal area, WA, Lauren works in person or over the phone long distance. Recommended donation of $70 per hour.  “During my session with Lauren I definitely felt the Reiki at work through heat in her hands and strong releases of blockages through my body.” Josslyn
     Here is a note from Lauren:  “Reiki has been an integral part of      my life since 2010. More than just an alternative healing modality,        Reiki has been a huge catalyst for spiritual awareness and growth,          and has become a deeply fulfilling way of life. I fully believe in the          endless abilities of this healing energy to promote emotional,                  mental, and physical wellness and alignment. I am in immense              gratitude to be able to assist myself and others through the many            layers and levels of the soul’s journey.”

Reiki III/Master Students

**Jayne Johnson – Reiki Master – Jayne Johnson Health and Wholeness in Sequim, WA.  Jayne is also a Holistic Health Coach, IIHC, AADP.  She sees clients in person at her serene and calming location in Sequim.  Recommended donation of $50 per session, typically one hour.  360-460-2020 or  Her website link will be available soon.  “My session with Jayne was extremely relaxing but with consistent powerful releases all the way through.  I was relaxed all day and evening long, then amped up and go, go, go all the next day.  LOVED IT!!”  Josslyn

**Cassandra Osterberg – Reiki MasterWise Oak Reiki in Orange County, CA.  At this time Cassie only does long distance sessions.  Cassie charges $80 per hour.  Sessions are typically one hour.   “My session with Cassie was PURE BLISS! Like a Reiki vacation.” Josslyn  Go to the website for contact information.  

     Here is a note from Cassie:  “I’m Cassie and I’m a Reiki Master and Tarot      Reader. I am trained in Usui Reiki and use my training to do distance Reiki          sessions on people and animals. I also provide Tarot readings as a way to help      my clients connect with the Divine and find clarity and self-reflection.                    Everything I do is of Love and Light and it is my desire to provide the support      and encouragement that people need to embrace the healing and                              transformation they are seeking.”





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