Sequim Links

This section is specifically for people whose services I use and recommend in Sequim, WA or businesses I prefer to use locally.  Lets let people know that a Sequim Reiki community is alive and I want to promote businesses in Sequim that I believe in as well.  Please take a moment to peruse the people I believe are wonderful enough to refer to.

Dr. Penny Burdick, Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor in Sequim and Port Angeles, WA.

Olympic Peninsula Wellness Directory -Your essential directory of local health practitioners and businesses on the Olympic Peninsula.  Visit now to find the professional that is right for you, along with articles, wellness events, coupons and products.  “Thrive and help thrive, it’s the way of the future!”

Heather Berry, Biofeedback, I’m new to this method of alternative healing but let me tell you, it’s been powerful for me very quickly.  I’m working with Heather and her machine to help me change over 40 years of breathing in a constant state of stress (short breathing).  Our goal is for me to be breathing in calm and relaxing ways.  I don’t know which came first the stress or the stressed breathing but they work together to age you faster, keep you in a constant state of fight or flight and work your heart harder than it should.  Very soon after starting biofeedback, my meditations and self-healing work started going to a much deeper level and I’m able to handle stressful situations better by remembering to breath and stay in a state of conscious thinking rather than reactionary.  This is powerful stuff and Heather is a complete loving gem of a woman. 360-477-7714, 9732 Old Olympic Hwy., Sequim, WA 98382.

Nash’s Organic Produce, The BEST the peninsula has to offer in organic groceries.  LOVE Nash’s!

R & T Crystals, Buy most of my healing stones and crystals from Rick at R & T.  He has excellent quality, cleanses everything weekly and has the best prices too.

Sunshine Lavender Farm, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lavender products at Carmen’s farm and store.  They are open almost all the time when I have guests even at odd times of the year, has great products and always has lavender ice cream for the kids.  PLUS, the kicker, I cannot eat sugar, she makes some of her culinary recipes with agave instead of sugar so I can have them.  DELISH!

Garden Art, Artist Robert DeFord uses recycled materials and wonderful Reiki energy to build his garden creations.  Check them out on his website.  My kids LOVE his dragons and serpents coming out of the grass.

Dungeness Valley Creamery, Got Raw Milk?  Well you should.  Even lactose intolerant people can drink raw milk.  Let’s get our food and drink back to the way God made it!  The dairy is family owned and operated and they give great tours!

Melody Williams Romeo, MFCC, Melody works with children and adults using traditional and non traditional therapy methods.  She uses EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique as well as other Energy Psychology Methods to help people move forward on their healing journey faster than traditional talk therapy alone.

Alder Wood Bistro, Local, Seasonal and wood fired delicious and good for you organic meals.  They are always willing to work with my special dietery needs.  The BEST!

Dr. Linda Melos, Naturopathic Physician in Sequim, WA, Dr. Melos took me from depressed to functioning.  I’m grateful for all she has to offer as a healer.

Ellen O’Shea, Author of Radical Botany, “I believe our connection with our local forests and native plants is essential to our physical, mental and spiritual health.  Humans once we interconnected to the plant kingdom. People found all their food, clothing, shelter and utility from native plants.  We are now mostly a
nation that is experiencing “plant blindness”.  We walk out of our doors
and cannot name one plant and we don’t know if the plants are food,
medicine or can be used for utility.  By brining in non-native invasive
plants and destroying native plants, we are killing off the food source of
important pollinators. These pollinators are essential to grow all our
food and herbal medicines.  Radical Botany is an attempt to re-educate the
citizens of the Cascadia bio-region about the life around us. Hopefully
together we can begin to live with nature again.”

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