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Welcome to Rain Shadow Reiki,

My name is Josslyn Streett.  I am an intuitive energy healer, teacher and reader.  That means I use my intuition as well as my knowledge of the world and other worlds to guide and help others.  I empower my clients to heal themselves through the use of Infinite and Divine Universal Energy, which I often choose to call God.  I work with clients both over the phone and in person so I can work with you, no matter where you are in the world.

Divine Source has called me to this work. I believe we each have our own different path to take and mine led me here.  I strive to do this work with the highest ethics, compassion and separation of ego self.  Energy work is my passion and my work both. It’s the most exciting and interesting profession I can think of.  Every time I work with a client I get even more enthusiastic about the work I get to do and know that through God, I am truly able to help people move forward and be happier in their lives.

Me and my youngest son on my favorite place in Sequim, The Dungeness Spit!

Where are we?

I work and live with my family on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington.  We are in the northwestern most part of the United States of America surrounded by the Olympic mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Hood Canal, the Hoh Rainforest and if you believe some books, vampires! LOL.

All of the main photos at the top of the page you see on my website have been taken by me on the peninsula.

What is a Rain Shadow?

The yellow areas get 15-20 inches of rain per year.  Sequim is in the top left area where the yellow is near all the green.  Light green gets 30-40 inches per year, dark green gets 40-60 and purple gets 140-180 per year.  Big difference.  www.wamaps.com

The northern part of the peninsula is unique because it is a rain shadow.  (top left part of the map near all the green is a little banana yellow area, that’s us.)  That means most of the rain falls onto the mountains and by the time it gets to us, the clouds are rained out.  Which means we get more sun than any other place in western Washington, less rain and less gray.  We get about 20 inches of rain a year and only a few days of snow in the winter.  It makes this area an ideal place to live and for me, to raise my family.


Enjoy the photos of our beautiful home and check out the website while you are at it.  We feel it is an extremely magical place to live.   To read more about me and/or our journey you can go to “My Story. ”


If you were drawn to this website, it is no accident.  My guides must have a message for you.  I invite you to look around at what interests you and if you feel called to do so, email or call me for an appointment.  I am here for a reason, to spread Love and Light around the planet as I am drawn to do so.

Welcome to Rain Shadow Reiki,

Josslyn Streett

Intuitive energy healer, teacher & reader, located in Sequim, WA



A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed.  It feels an impulsion.  This is the place to go now.  But the sky knows the reasons and patterns behind all clouds.  And you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Richard Bach, Illusions