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A Reiki Attunement Story with Fairies

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

“During the attunement, the Rei or God-Consciousness makes adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki and then links the students to the Reiki Source……..The attunement is also attended by Reiki Guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process.”   William Lee Rand

My Reiki Guides Celebrate

A personal story from Josslyn about spiritual beings being present during her Reiki Master attunement.

I took my Reiki III class with one other student who was highly developed in her Clairvoyant abilities.  She impressed us all with what she saw and shared with us in our energy fields, because we felt it to be true in our own inner knowing we believed in her abilities.  At the time of the attunement, we sat side by side in chairs, both feeling like we were being attuned together as one, rather than one at a time.

I rarely feel any energy movement in my physical body when I get attunements, but I feel a great deal as a Master/Teacher when I give attunements.  However, I have found, that during attunements, I see more than I feel.  This came as a bit of a surprise to me on this day.  I guess because I hadn’t thought to ‘look’ for anything before this attunement.  And, if I had looked on purpose, maybe they wouldn’t have come.  Who knows.  But, today, I wasn’t looking and they did come.  They showed themselves very obviously in front of me, celebrating, dancing and singing, right where I could see them easily and not miss their celebration.

Butterfly fairies celebrating!

I remember clearly during that Reiki Master Attunement, the other student and I both saw and were aware of many fairies and other elemental beings singing and dancing and celebrating all around us during and shortly after our attunement.  Some were dancing, some beating on drums and others singing.  They were totally joyful.

Coming Home to Reiki

I had the feeling they were celebrating my coming back to Reiki.  They told me that I had been attuned to Reiki in another life, that I had been a Reiki Master there too and they were putting on a big party in honor of my “coming home.”

I loved it.  I was in awe.  It reminded me that not only is the Reiki Attunement a highly spiritual and sacred process but one worth celebrating with music, dance and great joy as well!  The fact that the other student and my teacher were all a part of this celebration too, was just great confirmation and the icing on the cake, so to speak.

This fairy celebration has stayed with me for many years, reminding me of so many important lessons and keeping them close to my heart.

Some of them were drumming, some singing and some dancing.  All were celebrating.

Some of them were drumming, some singing and some dancing. All were celebrating.

It reminds me regularly:

  • That we are not alone in our Reiki practice.  Our Reiki Guides and our Divine Source truly are invested in how we do, what we do, and who we do it with.   They are equally committed to our spiritual progress as we are. 
  • It reminds me to bring joy to my life and my spiritual practice each and every day.
  • It reminds me that I have done this before and now, I am just ‘remembering’ what I already know, what I already feel inside.
  • It reminds me of the supreme sacredness of the Reiki Attunement process each and every time I’m attuning a new student to Reiki.
  • Being a Reiki Master/Teacher and giving attunements to others is such an immense honor, it also reminds me of how blessed I am to be doing this.

Great Reiki Blessings to you all, I pray that you find what is sacred to you in this life and pursue it.

In Love and Light,


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Charlie & the I Ching

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

I recently hosted an evening where a spiritual friend of mine who is well-practiced and acquainted with the I Ching (pronounced E Ching) , came over and taught a small spiritual group of people about the I Ching. Charlie Comstock was one of my first spiritual friends here on the peninsula when I moved here six and a half years ago.  He did an I Ching reading for me and I gave him a Reiki session.  I remember getting information from the reading that helped and made sense but I didn’t get the profound awakening to the I Ching until this evening with Charlie and our group a week ago.

We gathered around Charlie and the coffee table to throw our coins and tally our results.

We gathered around Charlie and the coffee table to throw our coins and tally our results.

Maybe this evening was so profound because of the group energy, or the introduction and stories that Charlie told about his life and his path to find the I Ching, or just because the Universe was manifesting the perfect time and opportunity for those who were meant to be touched by it, to be truly touched by it. But, for whatever reason or all the reasons, on this magical night Charlie and the I Ching graced our souls with profound and deep insight into our questions about life. It was a truly beautiful evening where not only I felt touched by the Divine Wisdom but the entire group. (Read each persons praises of the I Ching below)


On this evening Charlie told us stories about his past and how his whole life had led him to the I Ching and how important aspects of his childhood, young adult years and beyond had been important in making the I Ching prominent in his life.  He was a fabulous storyteller and we were all completely enthralled with him and his presentation.

After we tallied our results Charlie took turns reading the results for each of us and we all weighed in intuitively what we felt the results were saying.  It was intriguing how often we were all feeling the same thing.

After we tallied our results Charlie took turns reading the results for each of us and we all weighed in intuitively what we felt the results were saying. It was intriguing how often we were all feeling the same thing.

Then he talked about the I Ching and how to pose a question to get a true answer, how to translate the answer and then he guided us through the process to truly amazing results.  It is really an amazingly simple process to receive such important wisdom from the Universe. I believe we were all quite in awe of the accuracy of the answers we got.  Not just because they were answers we expected but because they spoke to us in the depths of our souls with words we couldn’t say but when we read them, they resonated with us, each of us reading for ourselves or each other. We all understood them to be true.


The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text of divination also called the Book of Changes, over three thousand years old.

The I Ching uses a type of divination called cleromancy, which produces apparently random numbers (through the Law of Attraction).

This is the I Ching workbook Charlie prefers using.

This is the I Ching workbook Charlie prefers using.

One uses three coins of any kind to ‘throw’, then decipher from an I Ching workbooks which of 64 hexagrams to read. The interpretation of the readings found in the I Ching is a matter of centuries of debate, and many commentators have used the book symbolically, often to provide guidance for moral decision-making. The I Ching wisdom follows the natural rhythm and patterns of our natural world in order to bring us intuitive wisdom about our own natural rhythms and how they relate to our lives.

The I Ching is easy to learn and anyone can ‘play’ with it for answering questions about their daily life, much like divining cards, pendulum, divining games or other divining tools.


After you throw the coins and record the results six times, you use this chart and some help from Charlie to decipher the results and which hexigram you'll be reading.

After you focus on your question, throw the coins and record the results six times from bottom to top, you use this chart and some help from Charlie to decipher the results and which hexigrams you’ll be reading.

Like any divining tool, posing a good question is the key to getting a good answer.  Charlie gave us some tips to come up with questions that were important and significant in our lives, and not frivolous.  It is good to be emotionally involved but not attached to the outcome or we might influence the outcome by our desire.  This can happen if we are not grounded and careful.

He recommends starting the questions with statements that encourage an answer with flow rather than a yes or no answer, such as:

  • What are the benefits of …….?  
  • What are the effects of …………?
  • What are the dynamics of…….?
  • Why is ………….happening to me?  
  • What draws me to …………….?  

More detailed question examples:

  • What are the benefits of me taking this Reiki class in June?
  • What are the effects of me taking a break from work and focusing on my family and myself this summer?
  • What are the dynamics involved in me creating and posting my own website for my spiritual abilities?
  • Why do I have to start a new career at this time in my life?
  • What draws me to the South West part of the country to live?

    Then you look up the symbols you got from your throws and this chart tells you which hexigrams pertain to your throws.  It's easier than it sounds.  One time through and you get the hang of it.

    Then you look up the symbols you got from your throws and this chart tells you which hexigrams pertain to your throws. It’s easier than it sounds. One time through and you get the hang of it.  Then you read the pages that pertain to the numbers on the chart.

NOTE: Once you have a question you feel good about, you can get started. Don’t forget, for the best possible outcome to bring in your Reiki to help you with the process. When I forget this step (Yes I do forget now and then) I notice the answers I get are not as clear or maybe don’t relate to my question at all. Give it a try both ways and see what you feel.


You know me, I’m a Reiki Gal, everything I do, I combine it with Reiki and I feel and know I get more accurate results. The Reiki helps me to be more centered and grounded, in the here and now. That way I am devoted to my questions but not attached to the outcome. The Reiki helps me to bless the process with spiritual power, protection of the highest and most divine order as well as bringing in my Reiki Guides for spiritual information and intuition. This time when I asked for my Reiki Guides, I saw a new I Ching Guide come in to help too. This was a pleasant surprise.  I believe he came in to help the whole group.

THE HOW: Before you ask your I Ching question:

  1. Gassho – prayer position -(hands in prayer position in front of your heart) ask Divine to bring in your Reiki through you.
  2. Ask Divine for (hands in prayer position in front of your third eye) the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki Guides for the greatest good of all involved.
  3. Hold the coins you choose to use in the I Ching and bless them with intention or the Power Symbol.
  4. Still holding the coins, cleanse them with intention or the Mental/Emotional Symbol.
  5. Still holding the coins, energize the coins to the perfect vibration for you and your questions answer with intention or again, the Power Symbol.


Each person who attended this workshop felt very profound results.  Each one was happy to write down their thoughts about the evening with Charlie and the I Ching.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Reiki Blessings to you all, thanks for reading,


“This I-Ching stuff was a lot more profound than I expected. Not that I doubted that the power of synchronicity could influence coins as well as it does anything else, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so relevant, eerily relevant. The words in the book were direct echoes of what my own Guides have been telling me. I suspect that Charlie might have had as much to do with that as the process itself? I will need to play with it myself and see what I get. But there was something about him that impressed me as much as “the results.” I’m glad I decided to come and have the opportunity to be introduced to both Charlie and I-Ching! Thank you!”  Amber

“Charlie is an excellent storyteller and I enjoyed hearing his life’s journeys that led him to the I Ching.  He has a great energy and is a good mix of East and West.  the readings were right on the money and made perfect sense.  By interpreting the changes and then reading the evolving answer was very cool.  I would like to do more and would enjoy hearing Charlie again.” Robert

“Charlie presented a fascinating story of his involvement with the I Ching and using it in his daily life. Having a chance to pose my own question, then casting my hexagram and having it read & interpreted was a profound experience. The descriptions of where I am at in my spirituality, mental & emotional state were ‘spot on’, and helped me understand the more complex nuances of the interpersonal relationships involved in answering my question. As a result of this evening workshop, I have already ordered my own copy of the I Ching Workbook.” Penny


Our group all working together LOVING Charlie and the I Ching!!

Our group all working together LOVING Charlie and the I Ching!!

“This (I Ching reading) changed what I thought I wanted to focus on (in life).  I now have a new passion to discover.”  Lisa

“The I Ching reading has been with me throughout this week. My static “just chill” and “just be “words echoed in my head and helped calm me. The I Ching experience was right on target!! Charlie was extremely interesting and I’d love to hear him talk again on any subject. He should do a day work shop. I always have fun at your house and get very energized.  Thanks again for all the blessings.  Hugs, Sharon”

“WOW, is all I can say.  Working with the I Ching in a group setting was extremely profound.  All six of us got answers that resonated with us on a deeper level than we had anticipated.  The ancient texts go into such detail about what is happening or going to happen, much deeper than any other divining took I’ve worked with.  Having Charlie to read the text to us helped me to be able to listen from a place of higher knowing and interpret how the text related to my specific situation intuitively.  I asked a question about a class I was considering taking and got a very obvious “NO” answer.  Not the right time.  With much detail as to what would happen if I choose to take the class anyway.  After the reading I got, all seven of us voted that I NOT TAKE THE CLASS at this time.  And, the answer from the I Ching was consistent with what my guides had been telling me.

The other questions I’ve asked in the week since the class have been just as profound and in-depth.  For example, I asked, what are the dynamics of me going to Sedona this July with my soul sister for her 40th Birthday celebration? and I got; Although your position has been less than ideal, you will finally meet with the right elements to help you achieve your aim.  Enthusiasm coupled with wise decisions lead to good fortune.  There was more, much more, but that was my favorite part.  The text gives you five or six paragraphs of information about your question, it’s very thorough and for us so far, quite accurate.” Josslyn

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Q & A : How Can I Run More Reiki Energy?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki

Benefits-of-ReikiQuestion: One of the questions I get a lot is,  “How can I run more energy?” or “How can I be a better channel for the Reiki energy?”

The Quick Answer:  Practice, practice and more practice.  Daily Self Reiki is the key.  Plus, eating and living a healthy and spiritual life, meditating, looking in the mirror, practicing what we preach, and honing our skills as a channel for the Reiki energy.

The Longer But More Thorough Answer

Some people have expressed to me that because Reiki is Divine energy it should be easy for everyone to run it the same.  Maybe, but all of our bodies are different with different abilities.  We can’t all sing the same, or do gymnastics the same, why would we expect to all run Reiki the same.  Hmmm…something to ponder.Potters

Yes, the Reiki is from Divine and once attuned, always attuned.  But, our bodies are still human and we channel Reiki through our human bodies.  Some people have physical bodies that are naturally tuned to channeling Reiki and others will need to practice at it a bit more.  It is like this with pretty much any skill, some are naturally good at pottery the first time they take a class, (not me) others will have to practice more.   For many of my Reiki I students, channeling Reiki is their first time channeling anything energetically through their physical body at all.  Many don’t meditate until after my class or do energy work.  So, this is something that is all new to their bodies.  All new, at any new skill, takes practice, even with Reiki.

Example: Singing Gift vs Reiki Gift

I truly believe that we come into this life with the God-given gifts that we require to be successful in our specific life goal.  I believe with Divine’s help, we chose these gifts carefully beforehand.  Some of us chose determination, some chose patience, forgiveness, calmness, motivation, or courage.  I believe we also chose abilities for our human body such as, some of us need to be amazing scientists, writers, dancers, artists, and others need to be excellent channelers of Divine Energy. No matter what, we have the gifts that we need in order to be successful in this life.  It is up to us to break through our fears and hone these gifts like a professional singer does.  Practice, practice and more practice.  Then be grateful for the gifts we have and we will be showered with even more abundance in this area of our lives.

The Harlem Gospel Singers

The Harlem Gospel Singers

I compare the ability to channel Reiki to singing, another gift from Divine.  Again, I believe people who need a particular singing voice will choose biologically a family combination that will allow them to have this musical talent.  Some people have beautiful singing voices from childhood.  However, they still practice and practice to hone their skill if singing is important to them.  Some people are naturals at it, others take more practice but can still be great, others have great singing voices for themselves or their shower, but don’t necessarily want to sing to the world.  It’s all good.  It is all Divine and perfect for us and our needs. But, if someone wants to improve their singing voice, they will need to practice and possibly work with a coach.

Reiki Practice

This is the same with Reiki.  If you want to do Reiki to heal yourself only, you still need to practice on yourself, daily.  YES, DAILY.  (If you actually want results)  If you want to do Reiki on others, you’ll need to practice on others and for the Highest Good, study with a Reiki Master to get help along the way or establish a very strong Love and Light connection with your Reiki Guides.  Preferably both.  If someone wants to be a Reiki Master/Teacher, this in turn will take more practice, more time, more help, more honing, more experience, etc.

Divinely Reiki

Just because Reiki comes from a Divine source it doesn’t mean we still don’t have lessons to learn about channeling Reiki energy through our human bodies.  Most of us do.  Most of us are working with the Reiki in the first place to help us with these issues.  So, sorry if you don’t want to hear it, but… “PRACTICE MAKES BETTER.”  Yes, even in Reiki, practice makes better.  You’ll feel better, be able to run more energy better, be able to FEEL the energy in your hands and body better, be able to manifest the things and life you want better.  All of the above.  JUST DO IT!

It’s worth it!

In Love and Light,


rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or 360-460-7829

Questions For the Healer – Pee Much?

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher of Rain Shadow Reiki

Gotta keep it light!!

STOP TO PEE!  He's just to o cute not to share.

STOP TO PEE! He’s just too cute not to share.

I giggled when my client asked me this question and then quickly answered it for her when I realized she was serious.  But when it came up again in Reiki II class the other day, I thought, “Hmmm, I bet other new practitioners may be wondering about this too.”  I mean, what do you do with the client’s energy if it is a long distance session, while you are gone taking care of business?


Yes, I do have to use the restroom sometimes while in the middle of a healing.  It doesn’t happen very often, I’m pretty good about going right before a session but it is not always possible to regulate your liquids in such a way that you never have to go during a session.  And, if your bladder is bothering you during a session, the Reiki may not flow as easily, or it may flow better.  LOL, everyone is different.  But it is possible to come ungrounded or uncentered because you are focused more on your bladder than your Reiki and client.  So, it’s good to know, you can excuse yourself respectfully and take care of business.

The Reiki and tears may flow from clients on the table, but some things are best taken care of out of the Reiki room.  This post I just thought was a little too weird not to include it.

The Reiki and tears may flow from clients on the table, but some things are best taken care of out of the Reiki room. This post I just thought was a little too weird not to include it.  Don’t try to hold it.

Here is what I do if I do have to use the restroom during a session, in person or over the phone.  Just in case you wanted to know.

My HOW:  I’m sure there are many ways to do this and now that you’ve had your attention drawn to it, you’ll probably get to practice it.  Here is my way of doing this.

  1. Tell the client that you need to use the restroom and ask if they too want to get up and use the facilities.  Quite often they need to go also. (Please don’t try to sneak off, this is disrespectful to your client and does not build trust.)
  2. Ask Divine Source and your Reiki guides to surround and protect the space, the client’s energy and  yours, while you exit the healing space.  Visualize clear bubbles of love and light surrounding both of you.
  3. Long Distance Sessions – If the client is long distance and I am holding their life force energy in my hands, I find a safe place to put their energy such as on a pillow or on the couch next to me, I call on Divine Source or my Reiki guides to hold their energy in a small ball of Light for me while I go to the bathroom.  Just like if the energy were being held in my own hands.
  4. Wash your hands really well after you use the bathroom.  Do not be in such a hurry that you forget this important step.  Wash with intention, repeating a positive intention, such as “clean and clear.”  Feel that mantra while cleaning your hands.  Reiki guides can help you with this if you ask them.
  5. When you come back, take a moment to readjust to their energy field so you can feel it again just as strongly as you did before.  Take a moment to run some Reiki on their energy or chant silently the Power Symbol (CKR) or just the intention of ‘more power’ and you will very quickly be right back where you left off.

thank you FUNNYASDUCK.NET for this funny photo


It’s pretty simple and I’m sure many of you would have figured this out with the help of your Reiki guides.  But, lets see how many of you after reading this, all of a sudden get a chance to practice this now that it is in your conscious mind.  So, now you can happily excuse yourself to go pee and feel good about it too.



I love answering questions from my readers, clients and students.  Please feel free to ask here on the comment section or email me.  I will not use your name or can just use your initials, but many people can learn from YOUR questions.  I look forward to any questions of Love and Light about Reiki or spiritual work.  If I don’t know the answer I will ask some of my other healer/psychic friends or, my guides, or just tell you that I don’t know.  Often times I can go into meditation and ask my guides.  Please don’t ask me who killed J.F.K.  That’s been done.

Blessings to you all, thank you for reading,


rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or 360-460-7829

Reiki Through the Back Door

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master for Rain Shadow Reiki

Reiki Ideas for Reiki Healing Students 

I’ve had a series of clients lately who consciously come to me and want help but subconsciously have blocks up to protect themselves.  You can often tell these people when they are on your table.  Often they leave their eyes open the entire time where other clients close their eyes soon after getting on the table.  Or they will close their eyes but you can tell that these clients do not go to a deep level of relaxation at all and maybe try to keep you in conversation with them much of the time.   Or you can just tell they are not relaxed and having a hard time even closing their eyes and staying on the table.  I can FEEL the tension in them.  Often it feels like they want to jump off of the table and run out the door.  Sometimes it feels like they are trying so hard to hold on to what they truly want to release and this causes tension in them.  Change is stressful for most of us, asking for change can be even more stressful.

If you feel lost at anytime, as your Reiki guides for help.

If you feel lost at anytime, ask your Reiki guides for help.

This usually indicates a high level of a need to control their environment for fear or trust reasons.  It is ok.  Reiki can help with that.  It will just take a little more time and sometimes different techniques than you learn in Reiki I or II.  This is the kind of technique you usually learn from your guides with lots of practical experience.  That is who I have learned it from and I’m going to give you some tips here as to what they have told me to do.

Chances are, if you read this, you’ll get a chance to practice it on a client very soon.


Reiki will help any condition, I believe, if given proper time.  The healing journey is a journey, it takes time for most people.  Some people take many years, many lifetimes building up these fears and trust issues, it will take some time to break them down in a safe and trusting manner as well.  If this client has come to you for help, at least they know they need and want help.  That is the first step.  The second step is making sure they feel safe enough to come back.  If we do anything to invade their protective space during the healing session then they may not come back and that is not what we want.  Sometimes we need to back off with this type of client and give them space to heal themselves with the Reiki leading the way.  This quite often has worked well with my clients.  But, at the same time, if they do not feel better, feel some kind of results, they may not come back.  It is critical to not be afraid of any of these outcomes and just TRUST in the Reiki and that it will do exactly what it is supposed to do to help this person TODAY.  Trust in the Reiki and trust in your guides to help you and show you or tell you what needs to be done to help them.

Heart Chakra Case

I recently had a client whose heart chakra was dangerously shut down to a point where I could not feel any movement at all.  I could FEEL the tight constriction in his chest so tight that it was making ME feel ill and I couldn’t handle the discomfort.  I raised my hands off of his chest and up above but that still wasn’t enough.  I knew that if his chakra stayed this way too long he would be in danger of physical illness, such as; heart attack, cutting off his ability to love or be loved.  Our heart chakra is of utmost importance because it is the go-between of all the major chakras.  It is the interface between our upper and lower chakras and if it is clogged up it’s difficult to get any of the others healthy and balanced.  So, I knew I needed something to help him and fast.  In this session I just felt I needed to get his chakra open a bit and moving.  I asked my guides for their help and they gave me a visual to follow.  Here is what they had me do.  Plus, here are other ideas that my guides have given me when I’ve been in a tough spot.  Ask your guides for help and check with what feels right for your client.BackDoorSpiralStaircase

Reiki Back Doors

Go in the back door.  There are multiple ways to do this.  Try them in this order but it is always best to follow your intuition.  If the first one does not work then try the next one and so on.  Please ask your Reiki guides to help you with this process for each individual client:

  1. Back off psychically. Turn off the psychic information and just let the Reiki do its work.  You may even need to turn off your conscious mind, go deep in trance and just let the Reiki flow without your ego or left brain involved.  Practice this.
  2. Talk to your client very gently, explaining what is going on and letting them know that their help would be great at this point. Have them set the intention in their minds that their chakra open and they allow the Reiki energy in to heal them.  The client came to you for a reason, get them involved in their healing.  Quite often this is enough.
  3. Ask Divine Source to send help – in the Highest and most Sacred Order of Reiki guides, healing guides and angels to help this person so you don’t have to work so hard.  Remember, it is not about you, it is about them and doing the highest good for them.  Get your ego out of the way and refocus on the Reiki healing that is taking place, it is all in Divine order.
  4. Run Reiki on their subconscious mind with the intention that the greatest healing the client needs will take place here.  Run it for a while until you FEEL that the client trusts you and you can move back to their heart chakra.  (Or whatever chakra it is that is blocked.)  If you are a Reiki II use the Long Distance symbol and the Mental/Emotional healing symbol to aid this subconscious work.  Then move back to the chakra you were working on.
  5. If you are a Reiki Master/Teacher work with your Master symbol (R) to separate the client from the situation and/or the NGZ symbol to break up blockages.  One or both of these symbols may help the client’s subconscious mind to take a back seat and allow the Reiki in.
  6. Give them space, move back away from them physically and either do long distance Reiki on them or just run gentle Reiki on their aura.  Quite often this will allow them to feel it is on their terms, their choice and then they will open up to the healing being offered.
  7. Go in the back door.  This is what my guides showed me to do for this heart chakra client.  Literally lay under the massage table and run the Reiki into the back side of their heart chakra to get their heat chakra moving again.  This worked for my particular client really well.  Sometimes going in the back allows the Reiki to flow in easier and without the subconscious blockages that the client has on their front side.  Remember every client is different.  Ask your guides what will work best for yours.  In very important situations like this one, this can work well.  Not a first line though.  Check with your guides so that you are not invading or disrespecting your client’s personal space.

    Confused?  Stuck?  ASK YOUR REIKI GUIDES FOR HELP!!


Deep Issues

Many of these issues are deep because the client has pushed them down in denial for a very long time and past life issues that have stuck around because they never dealt with them.  The client will not remember them or even be aware of them.  The Reiki will help to bring them to the surface when the client is ready, heal them and move them out.  This process again takes time and it may take this client multiple sessions before they really start relaxing on the table.  It is critical that YOU as the Reiki Practitioner has total Trust and Faith that the Reiki will do it’s job, and it will.  

Your trust and faith in the Reiki’s abilities will translate energetically to the client’s energy and they will be much more likely to stick with the sessions and believe they can help them.  If we truly believe, they will too.  It’s all energy, it all translates in understanding.

In Love and Light of our Divine Source,

Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher

rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or 360-460-7829

St. Germain and the Violet Flame for Spiritual Protection

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA

St. Germain showed up today during a healing with a women who, I didn’t know at the time, is really into metals, welding of metals and alchemy.  This is one of his abilities and gifts in helping others, alchemy.  St.GermainHe also helps with helping one be comfortable mingling with influential people, courage, direction in life, life purpose, manifesting, perseverance, psychic protection and space clearing.  Many people in the spiritual New Age Realm say that St. Germain is the Ascended Master of the Age of Aquarius, the two thousand-year cycle that we are currently living in.  He is also the renewer and bringer of the violet fire which can be used for many cleansing, clearing, healing, manifesting and protection properties.

What I know of him, from my personal experience, is that he shows up from time to time while I’m teaching my spiritual classes. He lets me know he’s with us usually while I’m setting space.  Then he does his work from behind the scenes and I go about teaching feeling renewed energetically knowing he’s with us, supporting us and bringing his great knowledge to the group.

Violet Flame for Protection

During my session today he wanted to remind us to work with the violet flame for protecting our Auric field and making this a DAILY visualization process.  Here is what he showed me.  As always, work with it to make it FEEL right to you.  There is no wrong.

  1. Hands in prayer position, bring in your Reiki, your Reiki guides and ask for St. Germain to be with you during this process.
  2. Visualize or imagine a large violet flame in the form of a lotus flower on the floor in front of you.
  3. Step into the lotus.VioletFlameLotus
  4. Imagine the violet lotus rising up and surrounding you and your Auric field providing you with powerful spiritual protection.
  5. Imagine this violet energy rising up to Divine and being ONE with Divine energy.
  6. Imagine the Violet lotus with a root going down and grounding you to Mother Earth.
  7. Allow all Love and Light, all good things to come and go through the violet flame petals and can get to you.
  8. Visualize all ‘old’, lower energy or drama,  to move down into the violet flames below you and be transmuted into useful energy once again.  Old energy does not get to you or get into your energy field.

This visualization mixes well with the 5 minute daily meditation I recommend for people who dont’ want to pick up other people’s energies or have their energy taken by others.

The Violet Flame has very powerful vibrational healing qualities.  Try this visualization and see how it feels to you.  If you like it and want to read more about St. Germain simply google him.  There is a lot of information about him and I don’t want to guide you in any particular direction but allow you to be guided by your Highest Guidance as to which information is correct for you to read.

Let me know if you try this visualization and connect with it,

Many Blessings to you all,


rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or 360-460-7829

Hummingbird Reiki – Reiki That ANYONE Has Time For!!

By Josslyn Streett, Reiki Master/Teacher for Rain Shadow Reiki in Sequim, WA


I teach in Reiki I that there is no wrong way to do Reiki.  IT’S ALL GOOD!!  JUST DO IT!!  Are some of my favorite ‘catch’ phrases.  If we make a ‘mistake’ while doing Reiki, we can always learn something from it, and therefore, it was not a mistake.  However, even by NOT doing Reiki we are learning how we feel when we do not do it.HummingbirdBlueFlitting

This doesn’t work as well if the person doesn’t practice Reiki from the start though, because they never get a chance to feel how good it feels while actually doing Reiki practice.

So, it is my focus as a teacher to motivate my students to DO daily Reiki, every day for the first month after their class, both to create the habit, but also so they can FEEL a difference that Reiki makes in their lives.  I have seen this work quite well with many people.  However, everyone is different and there are many different reasons people stop practicing their Reiki.  Each person is an individual, it helps a lot if I can have a one on one session with them to FEEl in them, why they are not being successful with their Reiki practice.  This was the case with my client, Nancy.


My client, Nancy, has been coming to me for Reiki sessions for over a year for pain in her body and stress relief.  She also became a student of Reiki and has come to some Reiki Circles so she could work on herself in between our sessions. She felt an extreme difference in the beginning when she did Reiki on herself every day and had mini-miracles happening in her life on a weekly basis. Then, she hit her busy season and stopped her daily Reiki practice.  Nancy owns her own business and works very hard at it and loves it.  But, often times, she finds herself working too much at a job that is very physical and hard on her body.  Reiki and meditation help her to support her body while keeping up a challenging schedule.

Even hummingbirds sit and rest now and then.

Even hummingbirds sit and rest now and then.


While working on Nancy’s heart chakra I received some information about why consistent Reiki self-healing has been a struggle for her.  My guides told me that Nancy is a very busy and active kind of person, doing a full half hour session feels like too much for her to do.  She likes to be busy, and active and not sit still for long.  She’s a doer.  I admire this, would love to be more this way at times so I can admire her for her great enthusiasm for her work and life.  She loves it and has great passion.  However, she also meditates and enjoys the benefits of Reiki and down time too.  But, when it comes to Reiki, a full half hour or more session on herself just seems too overwhelming for her.  She created a belief in her subconscious mind that Reiki must be done in half hour self-healing sessions. Probably because that is how we do it in Reiki I class.  But, if we remember first and foremost, THERE IS NO WRONG, then we can retrain our belief systems to do Reiki in any way that works for us.  Let me repeat that, WE CAN DO REIKI IN ANY WAY THAT WORKS FOR US!!  This is what I explained to Nancy and she said “Oh yes, I’m a hummingbird.  I flit from flower to flower.  That will work much better.”  I said “Ok, we’ll call your Reiki, hummingbird Reiki for you.  And, maybe others would like to try it this way too.”


Simple, remember that you can do Reiki in little bits that fit into your life and your schedule.  Instead of doing all the hand positions like in a 30 minute self treatment, just do one or two of the most important areas.  Trust your intuition on where you need it most in that moment and do it.  REMEMBERING to do it and start this habit may be the most difficult part.  Do what you need to do, to keep Reiki in the forefront of your mind while creating this new habit.  A string or rubber band around the wrist is a good reminder and an easy one for at least the first month or until you feel the habit has been engrained within your subconscious.

Make any small moment in time a chance to do self Reiki practice:HummingbirdOrangeFlitting

  • Reiki when you are waiting for the gas to finish pumping
  • Reiki while in the line while waiting to pick up your kids at school
  • Reiki on yourself while posting on Facebook.  Just let it flow.
  • Reiki  to calm your nerves or settle a tension headache before a stressful event
  • Reiki on your sacral or solar plexus while you are using the facilities for a minute or two, or three
  • Reiki while watching T.V. or listening to music
  • Reiki while you meditate or do yoga
  • Reiki on your kids while they are arguing in the other room. (Reiki them through the walls until they stop or calm down.)
  • Reiki yourself while your kids are arguing in the next room.  (LOL  Either one is good for you.)
  • Reiki beamed at yourself from your hands resting on your lap while waiting for a client or prospect to come in. A very subtle way to do Reiki on yourself in public places.
  • Reiki yourself while waiting at your table for your food to be brought out.
  • Reiki on yourself while you have a 15 minute break at work.
  • Reiki while on hold waiting for a customer service rep.  Chances are you’ll need to be very calm by the time they come on the phone.

We have endless amounts of bits of time in between our busy moments where we can do 5 minute or less Reiki on ourselves.  ITS ALL GOOD!!  Even five minutes, built up here and there, can do a lot.

“Any Reiki is better than no Reiki at all!!”  Josslyn Streett, just said that!!

Remember, if it truly is ALL GOOD and we truly can do NO WRONG, then what you can do with your Reiki ability is endless.  If you have other ideas on how to do some Hummingbird Reiki or have examples of how you HAVE done this, please share with us here in the comments section.  We all learn from each other.

Many Reiki Blessings to Nancy for allowing me to share her story and to all of you for reading, commenting and DOING REIKI!!  Even the smallest actions towards Love and Light are powerful!!

In Love and Light,


Rainshadowreiki@gmail.com or 360-460-829